Denali proudly introduces the availability of a wide choice of SSL certificates: single and multiple DV certificates and EV certificates.

  • DV certificates are Domain Validated and this means that the certification authority validation is made though a DNS check and it is automatically performed.
  • EV certificates, instead, are those which carry the name and the country of the company into the green URL bar. This is a more trustable certificate and very professional. The validation of this certification is made through documents and online checks with an officer of certification authority who makes all the necessary verifications before issuing the certificate. This is because this kind of certificate guarantees also the company who is associated to the website. For EV certificates the time needed is obviously more.

For example the Denali Sàrl website is running a SSL EV certificate, and you can easily see that the address bar of your browser shows our company name and country with a very trustable fashion. This is the best kind of certificate for well established companies.

In order to purchase the kind of certificate suits best for your needs, you can register into our store and go on with automatic purchase procedure. With DV certificates all the procedure is performed online. You can always open a ticket to our support team to get help.

Please see the description page for more infos:

SSL Certificates

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