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Blockchain based services

Blockchain is a technology with the potential to transform the way business is transacted, across industries. We can provide services for mastering that power.

Token and smart contract development

Do you want to deploy your own token? We can deploy your token on ETH network or create a new coin. Also if you want to create a specific smart contracts, we can care development and customization and eventually frontend.

Standard ERC20 Token deploy

Securely deploy your ERC20 standard token on top of Ethereum network. With this service you can deploy it simply online, just specifying some few parameters on the order box. No skill is required and no programming activity.

Masternode dev and management

Masternodes provide stability to specific altcoins’ network. They also create rewards for such a job. Private and public investors willing create a passive income running their own masternode on the desired altcoin. We can provide all the necessary.


Dedicated consulting and assistance for your project. From tech with more than 15 years on business.

Mining farms setup

If you wish create and manage a mining farm, we can assist for setup and manage.

Your Server, our Cloud

All the power of a baremetal server, without hardware failure and with our outstanding support. You’ll get your server up&running in minutes.

Hosting of dedicated VPS servers

Hosting of supersecure vps servers in the cloud with full management system. Also providing of IaaS (infrastructure as a service) environments, to manage your servers infrastructure as having a bunch of services.

Migrate your servers to the cloud

Is your company still running physical servers? Now it’s time to innovate and lower costs. For doing this simply decide to migrate your infrastructure in a cloud-platform. We care for this migration with maximum attention to data and whole system setup.


Academy for companies and public institutions

We organize and participate in public conference and seminaries (physical and virtual). We create lectures dedicated in your establishment for your management or your employees for any related matters.

We prepare documentation for any skill level and we make research on arguments which are considered useful for public institutions or private companies. We can participate in studies and public projects.


Documentation and committed studies and research

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