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Single Domain DV

Multiple Domains DV

EV Certificate

Domain name included1 (and www.)1 primary and 2 SANs included1 (and www.)
Release time2-3 hours2-3 hours2-3 days
Verificationemail/dns/htmlemailoffline documentation
SSL Encryption256bit256bit256bit
Browser Recognitiongreen bargreen bargreen bar and company name
Amountstarting at 60.00CHF/yearstarting at 80.00CHF/yearstarting at 169.00CHF/year
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Single or multi domain

You can choose to protect one domain, or multiple until 5.

Email/DNS/HTML Validation Process

Very easy validation process.

Immediately available

Just after validation process is complete, the certificate is immediately available.

Our assistance

We can assist you, through the whole process.