Swissmade Bitcoin exchange services

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Bitcoin based services

The open Blockchain technology (Bitcoin) can transform the way business and economy are managed. We can provide consulting & services for mastering that power.

Bitcoin privacy & security

Privacy & security are the most important matters today when talking about personal finance. We provide consulting and services for maximizing your bitcoin privacy & security on your Bitcoin holdings. For private investors and corporations.

Accept Bitcoin as payment method

Securely start accepting Bitcoin for your online store or physical one. With our hosted solution there is no need of hardware devices and payments come directly to your wallet, no third parties and no hassles

Bitcoin full nodes

We provide/consult Bitcoin full nodes made using TOR network. With full nodes you can verify all transactions yourself without any third parties while achieving maximum privacy on your funds and your identity. Best for investors and long term holders.


Dedicated consulting and assistance for your project. From tech with more than 15 years on business.

Purchase/Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin directly to your wallet. You send a bank transfer, you get bitcoin

Hosted bitcoin fullnode

You can run a full node bitcoin with us without any hassles. Or you can run a full payment gateway to receive payments from shops and ecommerce.


Academy for companies and public institutions

We organize and participate in public conference and seminaries (physical and virtual). We create lectures dedicated in your establishment for your management or your employees for any related matters.

We prepare documentation for any skill level and we make research on arguments which are considered useful for public institutions or private companies. We can participate in studies and public projects on cryptography & security.


Documentation and committed studies and research

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