Bitcoin privacy? Yes please

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Why is Bitcoin’s privacy important?

Privacy is one of fundamental human right that everyone needs. Bitcoin is not anonymous, it’s presudonymous. Every transaction is permanently recorded on the blockchain. But you can finally protect your privacy for bitcoin holding. We assist you in that purpose.

The first step is not to do errors and maniacally care your privacy. Your funds’ privacy means your serenity. Use a coldwallet to hold your bitcoin and connect to a private full node to verify your transactions. Do not use third’s party one.

Cold Wallet & Private fullnode

Don't trust

By running your own node, you don’t have to trust anyone to keep the network honest. Having your own node also means you can be sure your transactions will be broadcasted to the network. Otherwise you have to rely on someone else’s full node to do that for you.

A real peer

What a full node does is ensure that your transactions are actually broadcast to the miners. In order to take full advantage of Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer system, you have to actually be a “peer” running your own node. Otherwise, your transactions are always processed through a third party node. 

Avoid lack of privacy

If you don’t use your own node, the third party node will have access to information about your transactions, as well as any personal data you give them as service providers. Your transactions can be tracked, moreover if you are using a web wallet they can also be associated to your identity, IP, or email.

Our Solutions

Bitcoin Hosted fullnode with TOR

Verify transactions and broadcast directly

Verify your transactions directly without relying on third parties nodes and be sure they get broadcasted to miners.


Be a network peer

Be a direct network peer with no intermediaries.


Don't lose privacy

Don’t let other nodes to gather your transactions informations, details on addresses or balances. Connection protected with TOR.

starting at  300.00CHF/year

(price VAT excluded)

What we can provide to you? Denali can provide a full bitcoin core node connected full time to the network, fully secured.

You can connect your electrum wallet (either local and use a cold wallet) with a SSH encrypted tunnel in order to manage from your location of your transactions in full security and in complete privacy without having to rely to any third party. The node is continuously updating the blockchain and verifying transactions for you. No external connection is needed and no particular skill is needed to run it. Ideal for holding bitcoin in total privacy and security.

Transactions Privacy by mixing services


Your name

If you purchased from an exchanger your bitcoins are associated to your name.


Traceability of transactions

All transactions on the blockchain are traceable and there are scanners which are meant to build your history behind you



Scanners can figure out your holdings by checking and correlating utxo on the blockchain.

We can consult the customer in elaborating and managing the utxos in such a way to regain and care the privacy. You’ll be able to enhance your holdings’ privacy and to store them on a secure cold wallet after mixing. This is strongly important moreover if bitcoin were purchased through a kyc exchanger, in order to avoid lack of privacy due to correlation of values and utxos to your name. Managing the utxos after mixing is another important element to consider and must be done with a private full node.

Privacy of your funds

it will be very difficult to associate your legitimate holdings to your name, even if purchased from an exchanger.

Transactions untraceable

It will be very difficult to track transactions and unspent outputs even to apposite anti-privacy scanners running towards the blockchain.

Holding privacy

You will be able to hold in security and secrecy your holdings without having to worry about theft and espionage. Serenity for you and your family.